The Penthouse

In the core of Toronto, there is an whispering sisterhood of sluts. Some of us live a censored life, tucking our desires away from a world that suppresses female sexuality and questions the validity or purpose of the female orgasm. Some of us go through life displaying our slut badge proudly, unshaped by the harassment from critics and ready to fight for our right to love ourselves. But we all share the same quality: We are Goddesses, and we deserve to be treated as such.

This is an event, like any other hosted by Miss King, that focuses on the sexual needs of the Divine Feminine Spirit. This is an evening where Goddesses assemble for an opportunity to meet, mingle, pamper and play. All Women are welcome, including our trans sisters.

The very limited number of men in attendance will be slaves to our demands. As such, slaves will provide catering, cleaning, services and entertainment throughout the evening so the Women can enjoy themselves at the cost of male dignity.

This is not an orgy. Sex is never obligatory. It is a party for Women and slaves to meet and mingle, and sex is an option between any consenting parties that take an interest in one another while attending. Voyeurs are welcome to join and choose to participate or leave if/when they feel comfortable.

This event takes place in a private penthouse residence in Downtown, Toronto. Food, toys and essentials will all be provided, including a Sybian on site. Pets are on the premises, so please come prepared if you have any allergies and be sure not to let them outside.

Some events may have a female photographer present. If you do not want to be photographed, let her know so your boundaries are respected. If you do want to be photographed, just ask! Personal photos will be emailed to you and never posted online without your consent.

Final Details

Date of next event: TBD
Party begins at 9pm and ends at 3am.
Cost: TBD
To secure a spot on guestlist, you must send a $200 non-refundable deposit via e-transfer.

Your ticket pays for security, our excellent chef, the food he prepares, the liquor, plus my own hard work to bring this together. Women attend for free, so your fee is giving you access to a space that is designed to be a tribute to Women. By attending (and behaving), you are playing a part in facilitating an exquisite experience you won't get anywhere else.

If you have any inquiries, email


There will be security on site, as well as volunteer safety people will walking around to check in.


Please note that parties do not include the exchange of money for sexual services.
Any sex that happens at an event is between two consenting adults and not for purposes of business.
I do not provide escorts.

Thank you.