A slave's expectations



Service Top/Voyeur: For men who are new to the experience/too nervous to play a slave role. You are not obligated to participate in any activities.

Slave: For men who want the experience of total Female domination. Boundaries are permissible, but there is an expectation of servitude/participation while attending.

Slaves are welcome to have boundaries but are highly encouraged to participate in the games/activities we plan throughout the evening. We have competitions. We make them dance. We put a horse masks on them and offer pony rides. We often use them as furniture or toilets. I will also be giving slaves tasks, like offering our delicious catering on to our Goddesses on a platter, wiping off the Sybian or picking up messy towels. The women are free to participate with the slaves however they choose so long as they respect the boundaries of the slaves, up to and including all forms of play. Nobody in the house is ever forced to do anything they don't want to do, including slaves, and we use colour-coded safe words to navigate what is appropriate for our guests. Consent is key.

The Ladies of Lilith will be present to make sure everyone is behaving and having a good time. If there is ever a problem, look for one of the Ladies wearing a safety band.

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