Miss Charlotte

The Inhumane Society


The Inhumane Society is a private, adult-natured event hosted by yours truly, Miss Charlotte King. More evolved and female-focused than your standard swingers/play event, many of our guests have years of BDSM experience and participation within the Toronto kink scene. Do not let this frighten you! We love to welcome newcomers, and are very well known for making our guests feel welcome and comfortable (regardless of the unique "Eyes Wide Shut" nature of the event).

The event takes place in a private residence near the core of Toronto. There are 6 immaculately decorated bedrooms located throughout the house, and 3 bathrooms. Food, drinks and party games are found in the downstairs parlour. Feel free to ask for a quick tour when you arrive.

Capacity at the venue is 80, and we pull in over 50 women so space for men is very limited. Every person in attendance (including women) must have references or be screened/verified through Miss King. You are welcome to attend as a voyeur/top and mingle with the ladies without the obligation of servitude. Still, you must remain humble and respect all boundaries. Slaves are welcome to participate for a cheaper entry price, but at the cost of their status and dignity: read more about male expectations.

This event is open bar! You are welcome to bring your own poison, but please bring sealed bottles only. We will label them upon your arrival. Quality catering, toys, and essentials are all provided. Please inform me if you have any severe food allergies.

Expect to see nudity! There will be security on site, and the Ladies of Lilith will walking around to check in. READ, UNDERSTAND AND RESPECT THE RULES OF CONSENT or you will be asked to leave the premises without refund.


It is important to know and respect your own boundaries and those of others. Consent involves clear and intentional agreement to participate in sexual activity, and a person's right to choose 'yes,' or 'no.' Asking for and giving consent is an ongoing process. Each person has the right to change their mind at any time. A person who is unconscious, not capable (i.e., too intoxicated), or has been coerced or forced cannot give consent. Be responsible when drinking. Anyone who appears intoxicated will be sent home in a cab and not welcomed back to future events.

Final Details

Date of next event: Unkown
Party begins at 10pm and ends at 3am.
Final cost for slaves: $400
Final cost for voyeurs/service tops: $600

To secure a spot on guestlist, you must send a $200 non-refundable deposit via e-transfer.

Reminder: You aren't paying for a party. You are paying for an experience. Your ticket pays for the venue, the food, the drink, the cost of staff and my own hard work to bring this together. Women attend for free, so your fee is giving you access to a space that is designed to be a tribute to Women. By attending, you are playing a part in facilitating an exquisite experience you won't get anywhere else.

 If you have any inquiries, email charlotteking@protonmail.com


Sacrifice yourself to The Ladies of Lilith

These are the Ladies who will be ensuring everyone is being safe, respectful, and is having a great time.
If you ever have any questions or concerns, look for one of us (we will be wearing a safety band).

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Photographer: Amena Assaily